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GORY BLISTER - Earth-Sick - CD

Image of GORY BLISTER - Earth-Sick - CD

9.99 - On Sale

• New album for one of Europe’s most respected extreme metal acts!
• Featuring Karl Sanders on the songs ‘Soul-Borne Maladies’ and ‘Serpent Verse’
• Technical and Brutal Death Metal in the vein of Death, Cynic and Atheist
• The band has already been confirmed to perform at RocKcult Festival with Obituary and Sinister but a full tour will be announced soon


1. The Breeding (Intro)
2. EarthSick
3. Plague And Pray
4. Decanted Embryos
5. Dominant GenEthics
6. H.I.V.
7. World Damnatomy
8. Soul-Borne Maladies
9. Serpent Verse
10. Voices From The Sea